NCSE Joins the March for Science to Uphold Scientific Integrity

By Michelle Wyman, Executive Director and Jim Buizer, Chair, Board of Directors

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Council for Science and the Environment strongly supports
the March for Science and its mission to support scientific research, science education,
and the use of scientific evidence in policymaking.

For more than 25 years, the National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE),
a national non-profit, has worked to improve the scientific basis of environmental policy
and decision-making. NCSE does not politicize science and maintains a commitment to

In partnership with the March for Science and Earth Day Network, NCSE shares the
values of the community of scientists, educators, universities, community colleges,
students, and government with which we work and whom we represent. This includes
the fundamental principle that unbiased and apolitical science is critical to a healthy and
stable democracy.

Scientific principles are the underpinning of the planet, its inhabitants and ecosystems.
Science education and evidence-based policymaking should serve as the underpinning
to high-functioning and productive societal systems. They are the basis of all our
progress, from technological advancements to infrastructure development, from stable
economies to healthy communities.

NCSE’s mission to promote scientific integrity is closely aligned with the March for
Science and its goals to preserve the free and open exchange of science, diversity, and
inclusion; inform policy with evidence-based science; and support the value of investing
in scientific research and education.
NCSE shares the March’s aim to protect the rights of scientists to pursue and
communicate their inquiries unimpeded, to build public policies upon scientific evidence,
and to support broad educational efforts to expand public understanding of the scientific

The March for Science has catalyzed scientific education events at hundreds of
locations throughout the United States and around the world to coincide with the March
for Science and Earth Day in Washington, D.C., scheduled for April 22, 2017. NCSE
joins a growing number of scientific societies and organizations in support of the March
and Earth Day Network, including the American Association for the Advancement of
Science, the American Geophysical Union, and others.