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Buyer Beware: Investigate Historic Use of Property

All property owners – residential, commercial and industrial – should investigate the historic use of property prior to committing to purchase using all appropriate inquiry under the circumstances of the transaction. Caveat Emptor (“buyer beware”) is an important legal concept that can hold the buyer and other responsible parties liable for hazardous substances on...

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Carvalho & Associates, P.C. Goes Solar

Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA – Carvalho & Associates, P.C.’s Massachusetts Coastal Office is now solar powered. In late 2014, Atlanta-based Carvalho & Associates, P.C., a law firm specializing in environmental, energy and real estate matters, installed a 14,000 kWh photo-voltaic (PV) solar system at the firm’s Massachusetts Coastal Office in the Town of Manchester-by-the-Sea. The system, consisting...

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