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Solar Bill HB 57 & Solar Power Update

Solar Bill HB 57 has unanimously passed both the Georgia House and Senate. Georgia homeowners and business owners will now have the choice to install solar systems on their property without upfront costs. Southface worked with the utility, solar industry and other clean energy advocates to get this historic legislation passed. The use of free-market...

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Southface Update: SART tomorrow

Atlanta is the number two metropolitan market for electric vehicles (EVs) in the nation, largely due to state subsidies above the national average, electric power prices below the national average and access to carpool lanes on congested highways. Georgia Power’s $12 million “Get Current” program, which incentivizes property owners to construct new EV charging stations,...

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Buyer Beware: Investigate Historic Use of Property

All property owners – residential, commercial and industrial – should investigate the historic use of property prior to committing to purchase using all appropriate inquiry under the circumstances of the transaction. Caveat Emptor (“buyer beware”) is an important legal concept that can hold the buyer and other responsible parties liable for hazardous substances on...

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